Give Childhood

We believe every boy and girl deserves the chance to be a child. Undernutrition is robbing children worldwide of their childhoods. They desperately need your help to get the vitamins and minerals needed to survive, thrive and reach their full potential. Join us in giving childhood back to children in need.

Childhood Is
Something We All Share

Every child loves to laugh and play. Smiling with glee at the tickle of a toe, jumping rope at school, or flying paper airplanes with friends are experiences every child should share. But, this year, 3.1 million children will lose their chance to play forever as a result of undernutrition.

Hopeful Childhood

Every child deserves a hopeful childhood, even those in difficult circumstances. Undernourished children have low energy, short attention spans, and are often too sick to go to school. Without the foundation for good health that comes from proper nutrition, a child's ability to reach his or her full potential disappears. Building a brighter future starts today.

Vitamins = Potential

For millions of children worldwide the chance to be a child is compromised by a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Instead of seizing opportunities, they are fighting diseases they may not survive. These children desperately need your help. Vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of potential.

Give Childhood Back

Vitamin supplementation is a simple and cost-effective way to give childhood back to at-risk children. Just 25 cents will give one child the vitamin A he or she needs for the entire year. In 2014, with your help, Vitamin Angels will reach 40 million children with lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals in nearly 50 countries, including the US.
Think of what else 25 cents can do.